Power steering kits and conversions

We have been making electric power steering conversions for many years now.

It started with retro-fitting a corsa B epas unit into an Opel Manta for a customer. At the same time jigs were made to enable fabrication of the required brackets off the car so the kits could be offered to other people.

Next we developed a kit for the VW t-25 vans with the prototype being made for a neighbours show Doka. Again jigs were made and then brackets were designed on CAD and are now laser cut. Over 60 of these T25 kits have been made and sold to the start of 2018 with no slacking off of people wanting them.
The VW kits are made using the later Corsa C column which is much more readily available than the earlier B. While the C is physically larger it is easily adapted into a wide variety of vehicles.
We also sell DIY kits of the C column with a rough guide to what is required to fit them along with the necessary electronic controller, wiring and terminals. These have been sold to be fitted in many different vehicles from Land Rovers, MGB's, 1950's Chevy trucks, mk2 Escorts, Rover P6, Ford Transit, Triumph Stag etc