Euans Hatch

Euans hatch is in for welding and a couple of other jobs. Its then going back to Euans for paint and rebuild.

I seem to be missing a lot of the early pictures from this project for some reason, but it started as a complete car. I stripped it all the way down and mounted it on the spit. We knew there was going to be a fair bit of welding required so Euan had already sourced new sills and rear arches.

NS sill going on after inner sill/floor repairs complete
Starting the seam welding
NS A pillar had been covered in one big patch in the past, looked solid but from inside you could see what was going on behind it.

Yes you guessed it, rust! Well thats what happens when the old metal isn't cut out before welding new metal over it.

The cutting out reached a long way as the battery tray and bulkhead were also patched from bellow and very rusty
All welded up and treated
Now for the back end. Both lower rear 1/4s had been badly patched and filled. These were rusting through badly. But we had donor lower 1/4s to fit
So old lower 1/4 off and inner cleaned and repaired
New lower 1/4 trimmed and lined up
Welded in
Ground down and treated, then same to do other side
Sills had been bodged with galvanised steel tacked in and filled over
More rust as the old rotten sill had been left behind
Chasis legs were frilly and swan necks were rotten so both replaced full length
Jacking points replaced with box section and everything treated
Floor pan cleaning down to bare metal
Revealed some porus steel in the chassis rail
Section of rusty steel removed
New rail formed and welded in, 1st treatment going on
Fuel filler neck repaired
Layer of paint after 2nd treatment
Seam sealing all joints
2 layers of stone chip and fuel/brake lines run
Back on its axles finally and off for paint prep