Fitting Corsa Power steering

The corsa B column shares the upper splines of the manta, and also the 3/4" DD lower which makes it very simple to fit to the Opel Manta.

You need to chop up the existing manta column and combine parts of it with the Corsa B column to make a retro fit powersteering column for the manta.

Take a standard corsa B epas column
Strip the mounts and lower link off
Chop up your Manta column and corsa pieces until you have these left.
Weld the mounts together at the correct angle for your car
This is what you end up with
This is how the column sits in the manta
The NS dash lower needs a web trimming back
The OS lower dash needs a hole trimming
All fitted with all the trim back in place
The complete kits i sell
Including inline fuse and terminals for install plus new wire in blue plug