About me

(note: old photo)

My name is David and i've been playing with Opel Manta's since around 1994

I've owned over 20 manta's so far, from a 1.6 Cavalier Sportshatch (a manta in all but name) to my current 16V exclusive coupe rally car and most models between.

I'm a long standing member of the OMOC and can be found at VBOA event each summer for the yearly meet. Its not only Manta's though, i've owned several other cars from Sierra 4x4's to a Citroen Visa GTi, Subaru Legacy and a Lancia Thema V6.

I prefer my cars to be modified to improve handling and performance and am very into rallying. I started out marshalling and servicing for friends before competing on road rallies.

When i'm not working on manta's you'll often find me servicing for friends on stage rallies.

Either with Colin and Sarah's Peugeot 205 1.6gti

Or with Gary's MkII Escort with 2.0 BDA power