Andrews Mancona hatch
How it looked when it arrived
Stripped and up onto spit
Thats better for access
So much easier to get at
Blow torch out and underseal coming off
Floor down to bare metal
Bilt hambers best onto the bare steel
Chassis leg inner rebuilt
Inner leg cut out
New box section fabricated and welded in
Swan neck going in
Fabricating a new jacking point
NS chassis rail coming out
New rear rail and jacking point in
Inner NS rail in and treated
NS swan neck on
OS floorpan finished
NS floorpan finished
The decision was made to return the boot floor to original
So out comes the 9" grinder and a first rough cut
The removed chassis rails are replaced
Lower back panel chopped and redone, then everything treated
Replacement floor in and treated
Chassis rails look like they were never removed
Fuel filler area was rusted out.
Cut back the rot and made some room for access
Looking better now with some treatment on
How it looks from behind
Couple more bits to clean then a layer of paint, seam sealer, and stonechip next
Rest of floor cleaned down, painted, seam sealed and stonechiped
Rotten section of Ns outer A pillar removed and inner treated
Replacement piece trimmed down and ready to go on
Welded and all ground down
Engine bay rubbed down and etch primed (the pink is the heat lamp on)
Painted satin black