D318MKN Ians Seans coupe

This GT/e coupe was bought after being stood for almost 2 years. A previous owner had done a lot of work cleaning and rebuilding the engine and suspension, fitting many new parts before finding out the chassis needed welding.

He sold it on and the next owner handed it over to be fixed at a specialist MG restorer local to him. They then spent over a year trying to find all new replacement panels before starting the work (chassis rails and floor pans). The owner finaly had enough of waiting and sold the car on again.

Which is where i came in, i collected the car from near Burnely and trailered it home to start the rebuild. The front end had rot in the nosecone, floor and chassis rails but the sills and rear were in good condition.

It took quite a while to repair as i had to completly strip the front end for the chassis rail repairs.

Once done i sold the car to a friend (after much begging on his part) and he enjoyed it for a year. Then a dozy old lady in a Ford C-max pulled out infront of him on a dual carridgeway and shortened the front end a bit.

The insurance company wrote the car off as it was behind economical repair. Happily he managed to buy the car back as salvage and still get a good payout. So after another trip to collect it, the car once more returned to my garage for some TLC

Once more the car is back on the road, we have some future plans for it but i need more garage space before i can do yet another rebuild.

(click pics for larger images)

How the car looked when first purchased
The front carpets had been removed to check the floors
Chassis rail and jacing point had been left exposed
Battery tray holed
NS chassis-leg previously badly repaired
OS chassis-leg gone completely
OS chassis leg under floor looking bad aswell
OS A-pillar holed, as was washer tray
Strpped car in garage
NS chassis leg chopped out
Rebuilding OS chassis rail
NS chassis leg going in
Outside of NS leg
Undersealed and suspension back in
Battery tray minus holes
Rolled out for the dust to be blown/washed off

During the repair i added 16v front calipers and discs along with Bilstein dampers. Swapped the 17" alloys for 16" compomotives aswell as a couple of other little jobs.

Less than a year later it had a close encounter with a C-Max
Written off by the insurance but bought back as salvage
Wing and nosecone off to expose the damage
Bent inner front panel and radiator tower off to help the repair
Hyd body press used to re-align everything
Rest of nosecone removed
Replacement nosecone, wing and bonnet sourced from Sean in sussex
Nosecone clamped in place to check alignment
Pile of junk bits removed during repair

Now sold to Sean as his 2nd car on the road replacing his tatty and problem riddled 1.8 hatch.

All finished and back on the road.