I picked this 1.8 coupe up from leeds after it had been stored in a garage for 10 years.

It looks good in the pictures but is in need of some tlc as the pit in the garage had been half full of water most of the time so underneath is crispy.

Starting to strip the panels off
Hmm that wing rail looks bad
Ok it looks worse after a quick poke
OS chassis rail has been badly repaired in the past
Engine, box and subframe out for access
The inner wing trimmed back
Repair panel going in
Panel all welded up to get strength back in front end ready to go onto Spit
Glass and axle out and mounted on the spit
NS chassis rail chopped out.
New outer cover made after rebuilding the inner
Jacking point cleaned and refitted
With all the welding finished the next job was to remove the old underseal (messy job)
After that everything was given 2 layers of Bilt Hamber Hydrate 80, followed by 2 layers of rustoleum paint. Then seam sealer was applied
Finally 3 layers of stonechip were applied
Looks much better than the old covering
Inner wings rubbed down and primed
Then repainted in Carmine red
Running new brake and fuel pipes
Cleaning and painting the back axle
Getting the front axle back in
All finished and off to a new home, another one saved.